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The Hidden ICE BURG

Here are some points (TIPS) noted by an External Auditor.

  • When using Social Media in your everyday operation make sure that it has been added to the organisation's Internal and External Communication Operating Procedures or processes. (Document). (Example: Some clients were using WhatApp to communicate daily tasks and stock taking operations and using other social media to run some of the daily tasks)

  • Make sure that all organisation meeting or Audits (this include supplier, and customer Audits) are properly scheduled for the year and use your Outlook Calendar or any type of Planning App (What is practically available to your organisation or yourself).

  • When reviewing or creating a Management Review Procedure be sure to add, as much as possible detail (But Always Keep It Short and Sweet).

  • When raising Non-Conformances make sure that a type of register or management system is in place to manage the Non-Conformances or that a proper numbering system is in place to trace the Non-conformances. (Example: Non-Conformance Register that includes person responsible, date to be closed, or any follow up to be done etc.)

  • When anything in the organisation changes that it be properly documented in the existing/ current procedures. (Example: Client made a change to manage Non-Conformances system from paper-based to electronic. This new process or procedure must be added to the existing procedure for Managing Non-Conformances).

  • Any Documentation Created by or used by the organisation for Internal or external use needs to be managed. (Example: Add into current documentation numbering system.

  • When your organisation is certified or not for any other standard. This does not mean that you do not have to comply with Local/National/International Regulations.(Sorry you still need to)

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