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Here are some points (TIPS) noted by an External Auditor.

  • Organograms that need approval or continuous review require the last or planned revision date to determine the accuracy of the organogram.

  • It is always good practice to have organisational Main Objectives for the main focus of the organisation and then departmental objectives that can flow into the main organisational objectives.

  • As the world is still in COVID-19 make sure that the organisation comply and has the necessary COVID-19 Requirements in place. (Depending on Country)

  • Identify potential emergencies and add these to your Baseline Risk Assessment (Examples: External Strike/ Community Unrest, Union Strikes, fires, flood, explosion etc.)

  • Depending on the country where the organisation is based that the organisation comply with Occupational Health and Safety Acts and that the necessary personnel are legally Appointed and Trained for that position. (Personnel need to understand what are they being appointed for and the legal liability that goes with the Appointment.) (Training of management on legal responsibilities).

  • Depending on the structure of the Procedure Document add the necessary evaluation or awareness training for the procedure as an annexure to the procedure document.

  • When determining personnel Competency via Evaluation it could be determined which Procedures or Work Tasks the personnel need to be found competent on.

  • On Morning talks/meetings (Toolbox Talk) that a balance is required between different topics related to Safety/Quality/Environment Topics or balance of topics.

  • Commitment or overview from Management could be the sign-off of checklist/ Work Procedure/ Quality Inspections/ Product Test Results etc.

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