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Integrated management System at the click of a button
Company Strategy

Our strategy is not only to assist our clients in providing them with the tools that they require in order to achieve success. We consider ourselves partners in providing solutions that  guarantee success and build prosperous longstanding relationships with them. We aim to not only satisfy our clients' needs but provide sound advice and assistance to reach new heights, highlight opportunities and open doors that always seemed to be close. 

Company Values

We're dedicated in holding your hand through the process and enabling our clients with industry leading practices.

We understand the current pressure of the global economy that forces companies to survive with minimum expenses while requiring extensive processes and procedures to be in place in order to continue with normal operations. 

OMS provides cost effective software solutions implemented in enterprise environments proving that not only do we cater for SME's but that our solutions are successful in the most demanding environments.

Our Solutions

We offer a modular based ISO management system, that not only prepares our clients for possible risks but also identify opportunities and ensure that transparency of the solution is clearly visible.


We offer a one click solution that enables clients to focus on opportunities identified and maximize resources in generating additional revenue instead of spending unnecessarily on unproductive administrative requirements . Our ISO management software maintains leading practices ensuring that ISO compliance is always met.

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